Get Buried! is not only a song that landed California based The Creepy Crawlies on multiple end-of-year lists in 2011, it’s also the title of their full-length debut album, which follows on the heels of their well-received two song digital sampler: Denial is a Free EP.

Throughout Get Buried! college friends Chris and Kate trade melodic vocal lines while playing subtly interlocking arrangements on their respective instruments, guitar and organ, a perhaps familiar sonic palette that through its simplicity only serves to highlight the many tiny inventions within each song, which tend to veer off into unexpected, but in retrospect well thought out, directions. Together they create alchemic music that can transform psychic pain into pop pleasure, feeling small into a wall of sound, and denial into a triumphant anthem.

Before emerging into the daylight with an electric guitar in hand to write songs from an existential bug’s eye view, Chris Donlon was the lead songwriter of the lo-fi experimental acoustic folk twee duo Chris & Mollie, whose concept album The Palm Tree garnered attention from online magazine CokeMachineGlow, who called it “one of the most interesting records of the year” in 2007. Kate contributed backing vocals to The Palm Tree, creating the foundation for what would become The Creepy Crawlies.

Independently recorded in apartments and living rooms of Los Angeles and San Francisco from 2008 to 2011, then mastered by Joe Lambert (Animal Collective, The Fiery Furnaces), Get Buried!’s long journey reflects its creator’s patient and shy temperament. “I’m never usually in a rush to finish things,” says Chris. “I’m pretty comfortable keeping things to myself. [smiles]”

When Chris was six he remembers being asked by his kindergarten classmates, “why are you so quiet?” His response? “I would just sheepishly shrug my shoulders,” says Chris. “I’ve always been pretty introverted. I was drawn to music because it creates the opportunity to build your own universe to burrow inside of for awhile, especially when the real world gets a little rough.”

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the world. What’s not easy is turning these feelings of doubt, uncertainty and fragility into heartfelt, catchy, and surprisingly fun songs. Yet that’s precisely what The Creepy Crawlies have done with Get Buried!; a unique concoction, which, like a snowball filled with razor blades, is made up of equal parts delight and dread.